Newbie TF2 Trading Guide – Exact Method for Buying & Selling Hats

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This next guide is for all you players who wants to get started with trading but don’t really know where to start, this is a exact method with step by step instructions to make it as easy as possible to get started with trading. In order to use this method you need to have at least 1,33 refined metal, the more metal you have the more you can earn. This guide is no way unique and I’m not an expert in trading, it’s just a nice way of starting to make some profit without that much work. The guide is all about buying hats then selling the hats for more then we bought them for, I will show you how and where to buy and sell your hats, and I’ll hold your hand all the way though it ;)

Buying the hats


The first thing we got to do is buy ourself some hats, and like I said before, the more metal you got the more you can invest in buying hats, but you can start off with just buying one hat if you can’t afford more. So where we’re going to find hats worth buying? We’re going to use a site called Scrap.tf, it’s a site where you can buy and sell hats, weapons, keys and other TF2 items with the Scrap.tf trading bots, on the site you can browse each bots inventory and buy items from their inventory, each hat costs 1,33 refined to buy from the bot,  so that’s pretty much the whole method, we’re going to check out the Scrap.tf bots and try to find hats that we can sell for more then 1,33 refined metal, you’ll be surprised of what hat you can find here, most of the time you’ll find hats that you can make 0,11-0,33 ref profit on, but now and then you’ll stumble upon hats that you can sell and get profit of a refined or even more, but then you got to have the luck on your side.

If you have trouble using the site you can check out my video guide at the bottom of this page there I’ll  show you step-by-step how to use Scrap.tf, I also show a couple of examples of hats that are worth buying and hats that you can make a profit on, I know it can be hard knowing which hats that are worth buying if your new to Team Fortress 2 trading but it’s not that hard really, just look for hats that look good really, that’s what people want, hats that are rare and hats that look good. You can also check out the prices for each hat over at backpack.tf, there you can search on each hat and see what’s the value of the hat is, it’s not 100% accurate but it’s still a good site for price checking, I know there’s other sites for price checking but I personally like that page and it’s also very user friendly. In the video guide (at the bottom of the page) I also include a few example of hats worth buying from the bots, hats that are fairly common on the site and that you can sell for a profit.

When looking for hats in the bots inventory you got to act fast, hats are being bought and sold all the time and good hats are being sold quick, so when checking out a bots inventory always scroll down to the bottom of the inventory, that’s where all the new hats are located, and it’s most likely to find some good hats that you can make a profit on down there. If you’re in doubt buy the hat first and check the price later. You can always sell back a hat that you bought back to the bots for either 1,33 refined or in exchange for another hat, so there’s not that much to loose here.

If you’re new to the whole trading thingie I would advice you to stay away from buying Robo hats, most robo hats are useless and the Scrap.TF bot doesn’t even accept those hats.

Selling hats

Now it’s time to sell the hats that you bought on Scrap.TF, there’s of course plenty of servers and trading sites that you can turn to in order to sell your hats but in this guide I will be using TF2 Outpost in order to sell my hats. TF2 Outpost is a trading site where you can list your items, it’s a popular site with a lot of buyers and sellers. You can find the site over here; TF2 Outpost. Just like on Scrap.TF you need to login to your Steam account in order to list items and trade here, always make sure you’re login in on the official Steam community page when signing in to any site, TF2 outpost is a legit and trusted site but you can never be to sure, so always double check with all sites.

Listing your item is easy, just click the button “New” located at the top menu bar on TF2 outpost (see the picture below or check out the video at the bottom for the whole guide in a short video)

tf2 outpost

The left box is where you place the item you want to trade and the right box you place the items you want to. Just choose your TF2 backpack in the drop down menu then click the item you want to sell. Then click any of the right boxes and choose what you want, if you want metal you can write in metal in the search box, press enter and then click the metal you want. If this explanation confuses you I suggest you check the video at the bottom to see how it’s done, but it’s really not that hard, think I’m over complicate it with my explanation really :)

Then just add a note, for example how much your asking for the hat and that they should add you in order to trade with you.

When it comes to setting a price on your item I suggest you don’t set it to high, then nobody will buy it, it’s better set a relatively low price, the profit won’t be that high but then again the effort you need to put into getting the hats isn’t that big either. And always check the price of the hats on Backpack.tf. You can also list your hats on Backpack.tf if you want to, it’s simple and you can get plenty of buyers for your items on this page also. To do so you need to be logged in on Backpack.tf, then check out your backpack on the site (click your username at the top right corner) then click the item you want to sell then choose “Sell This item”, then choose your price and list it.

Additional Tips and Tricks

On TF2 Outpost you can Bump your sale, so it gets listed on the homepage of TF2 Outpost, it’s a good idea to do this from time to time. In order to do this all you need to do is click the “Trades” button located at the top menu bar, here you’ll see all your active trades. Click the up arrow that says Bump up trade (or something similar), do this for all your trades, you can do this once every 30 minutes or so.

If you have any problems with either one of these sites they got some great help sections, you can find them over here;   Scrap.TF Help and TF2 Outpost Help. Here you’ll find everything you need to know in order to use these sites and also what rules that these sites have, worth checking out if you find these sites confusing.

TF2 Trading Video Guide

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