My least favorite TF2 Trading method – Scrap banking

If you search for TF2 trading guides on Youtube or Google, you’ll immediately will get a bunch of search results that’s talking about this way of trading in Team Fortress 2, you might or might not know what scrap banking is but it’s pretty much a way of buying two TF2 weapons for one scrap and then selling those weapons for a scrap each (making you a 0,5 scrap profit/trade), and don’t get me w
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TF2 Trading Guide – 15 Tips For Success

I thought I’d share a video that might be useful for any of you new TF2 traders out there, it’s pretty easy to get scammed or tricked out there, so it’s always good to be cautious, and watching this video might get you a few tips on how to stay safe and how to trade to make profit as a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend this video for veteran traders, it’s more of a newbie guide really but I
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