How to sell hats for a profit – Beginners TF2 Trading guide

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This guide is for all you beginners that wants to start trading in TF2, it’s a exact method of buying and selling hats, I will show you absolutely everything you need to know to start earning metal (and eventually keys), where you should buy and sell hats, what hats you should buy and other tips and tricks to help you on your way of getting the items you really want.

This guide requires persistence and endurance, it’s not like you’ll get rich doing this, but it’s a guide that almost anyone can do no matter how poor or clueless you are, all you need is 1,33 ref to get you started. Before we start this guide I suggest that you read my other guide Beginners guide to TF2 trading, it’s a great recourses that explains all you need to know about trading, if you’ll already familiar with trading in TF2 but you want a method and guidence you can continue to read this guide.

If you rather see this guide be explained in a video you can jump down to the bottom where there’s a video version of this guide.

TF2 Trading guide

Overview of the guide

So what’s this guide about? It’s actually quite simple, you buy items (hats in this case) cheap and you sell it for more then you bought it for, and by doing so making a profit, with the profit you buy more items which can create even more profit, the more you have to invest from the beginning the more you can earn, basic trading.

What we going to buy and sell then? Hats! Not just any hats, we’re going to buy and sell hats that are cheap but still have a demand, hats that are common but look good basically. Finding the right hats can be tricky but you’ll learn eventually what hats that sell and which who doesn’t. We could do this exact method with pretty much any TF2 item, but we’ll do this with cheap hats because the investment for these hats are small (perfect for beginners) and there’s a lot of these hats being bought and sold all the time.

Getting started


Time for the actual guide, like I said before, you need some metal to get you started with the guide, 1,33 ref is a absolute minimum I would say, but the more metal you got, the better. You also need a basic knowledge about trading in TF2 and on Steam, but I’m going to presume you have that.

Buying hats

tyrants helm

The first thing we got to do is to buy some hats, we’re going to buy the hats over at TF2Outpost, it’s a huge trading site where you can put up classified listings saying you want to buy or sell some TF2/Steam item. If you don’t know how to use TF2outpost I suggest you check out my video guide at the bottom. Now it’s time to create a listing saying we want to buy specific hats, we’re going to aim to buy hats that are worth 1,66 ref, but we’re going to buy them for 1,33 ref (and then later sell them for 1,66 ref, making us a profit of 0,33 ref for each hat sold)

So what hats should you buy then? It’s been a while since I did this method so I’m not totally up to date with the current prices on hats. Here’s a list of hats that I used to buy, but before you start buying any of these hats I suggest you head over to Backpack.tf and check the price for each hats before you start investing in them. Make sure that the hats are worth 1,66 ref. Because there’s no point in you buying these hats for 1,33 ref if you can’t sell them for more then that.

Flamboyant flamenco, Buccaneer’s Bicorne, Samur-eye, Prince Tavish’s crown, Backwards Ballcap, Killer’s Kabuto, Hat of cards, Rusty Reaper, Bubble Pipe, Bold Boy, Wraith Wrap, Hustler’s Hallmark, Reggaelator, Your Worst Nightmare, Tyrant’s Helm, Defiant Spartan.

Now that you found hats worth 1,66 ref in this list it’s time to make our listing on TF2Outpost, say in your listing that you want to buy a bunch of these hats for 1,33 ref and that they should add you if they want to trade. Create the listing and then wait for someone to add you on Steam and trade you. Make sure to bump your trade on TF2outpost ever 30 minutes so more people can easily find it.

Selling your hats

backpack.tf logo

After you bought a hats for 1,33 ref it’s time to sell it, we’ll aim to sell the hat for 1,66 ref. So create a listing on TF2Outpost saying that you’re selling the hat for 1,66, and also make sure to list the hat on Backpack.tf. Just wait for people to add you and trade with you. If you notice nobody wants to buy the hat you’re selling for 1,66 you can either wait longer (because sometimes selling a hat can take quite some time) or you can try selling the hat for a lower price. This guide works the best when you’re buying and selling a lot of different hats all the time, then there’s plenty of potential buyers and sellers available, so trading using this guide in the beginning can be quite slow, but it’s a stable and low risk way of trading that doesn’t require a ton of knowledge or skill, which makes it a great method to start off with, so be patient and this guide will work.

If you have any questions or need help with anything head over to our Steam group and create a forum topic with your questions and I’ll be happy to help.

You can find our Steam group over here  Free TF2 Items – Guides & Giveaways Steam group