This Weeks Giveaway – A Shiny Key

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FreeTF2items is grown larger and larger each day, people are joining the giveaway raffles, people are winning the giveaway raffles! :) and people are using the new TF2 items guide section in order to get the items they want in Team Fortress 2. And to celebrate the success we’re having with the site we’re offering a special giveaway this week, a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key! This giveaway will be a bit longer though because it’s summer and we won’t have that much time with the site now, but it’s still a rather niffty price if you ask me!

Just click the image down below to get to come to our giveaway section and to enter this fancy raffle!

Free TF2 key




    Hello I am a NeWbie and i am trying too get items but i keep getting crates so can you plz give me a key so i can i have that key plz.

  2. Jared Reply

    plz i am a noob in tf2 plz i need key

  3. kazukejared24 Reply

    hello can i have 1 key im a noob in tf2

  4. killer spy Reply

    hey i was hoping for a key to unlock the 2 crates that i have in team fortress 2

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