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TF2 PointsShop

freetf2items overview

This is my favorite method, mainly because I can get any item from the Mann Co. Store using this method and the fact that this way of getting tf2 items have no limits, it’s all up to me how big the reward will be, the more work you put into this method the bigger the reward will be (more time and effort spent = more TF2 items)

It’s all about using a site called Points2Shop, this site isn’t a specific TF2 site, it’s a site where you can complete simple tasks like surveys and watching videos, and for each task you do you get rewarded with cash or points, which you can later be cashed out and used to buy the items you want from the Mann Co. Store, so no matter if you want to go premium, buy some stylish hat or get a bunch of keys, this is the method for you. Recommended method of getting TF2 items.

Click here to find out more about the Points2Shop TF2 items guide.


free premium

Free tf2 premiumThis next guide is for all you F2P TF2 gamers that are looking for a way of getting a upgrade to premium. This method is one of few working methods for getting premium that doesn’t involve begging your mom for cash. All ages and countries can do this guide and it doesn’t cost a thing to do. It’s using the same method as the guide above with a difference, I’ll give a bonus (a premium gift) to really active members, it’s my way of motivating and rewarding hard work, you can read more if you read the whole guide.

This is a recommended guide for new players that doesn’t have anything to trade or have no cash in their wallet, or simply a way of upgrading your TF2 account to premium. It’s overall a rather simple and easy guide, can be quite boring to do from time to time, but the reward is worth it. Check it out over here;

How to get TF2 Premium Gift Guide


beginners tf2 trading guide

tf2 trading guideA comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to get started with trading in TF2, you don’t need to know anything about trading to use this guide, I will show you everything you need to know to get started. This is a beginners guide so some things you might already know about, just skip those parts and move on to the sections you want to learn about.

I will cover everything from How to make a profit (with exact methods) to How to know what your items are worth, Metal and it’s value and much much more.

This guide is a great way of getting free TF2 items, it’s easy and it’s free, but you need some metal to get started, you need metal in order to invest in items that you can later sell for a profit. It’s also required to have a Premium account in order to trade and to use this guide. If you don’t have metal or a Premium account I suggest you first use one of the guide above to get you started and then come back to this guide once you have a premium account and some metal to trade with. Click the link below to get started with the guide.

Beginners TF2 Trading Guide

TF2 Trading guide

This next guide is for all you who are getting started with trading in TF2 but who needs a guide or method to follow to help you get started, this it’s a guide that’s all about buying and selling hats for a profit. The guide talks about how you can buy cheap hats and sell them for more then you bought them for, it’s really nothing complicated but it works. The only downside is that you need some metal for this guide to work (also you need a premium account because this is all about trading) so this might not be sometimes for the absolute newbs.

So if you have a few metal scrambling in your inventory and you want to start trading in TF2, this is the perfect start for you really. Learn the basics of trading by buying cheap hats.

This is not about buying and selling unusualls or anything, it’s about buying & selling hats that are cheap and selling them for a little bit more. The guide will show you where and how to buy the hats, what hats to buy and other tips and tricks, also a video version of the guide is available.

Check out the guide and the video guide by clicking here

tf2 trading guide

bonk boy

This guide is for all you player who’s interested in starting trading on TF2, trading is one amazing way of getting free items, most of the items I’m giving away on the site have I got by using this exact method of trading. A heads up though, I’m no expert in trading or anything but what matters is that this trading guide works and it’s very easy to get started with. You only need a small investment in order to start buying hats. The guide is all about buying and selling hats, I will show you where you can buy cheap hats that you can later sell for a small profit. All you need is basic knowledge about TF2 and TF2 items and you’ll do just fine with this guide.

TF2 Trading Guide for New Traders – Buying & Selling Hats

more methods available soon


Guides and Tutorials: How to get Free TF2 items


tf2 guides list

There’s plenty of ways to get free TF2 items and we try to give our visitors as many options for getting Team Fortress 2 items as possible, we know that some people will love some methods and at the same time hate another, we’re aware that people are different and that different people needs different methods. So try a few of our methods  and if you don’t like a method just move on and try another one.

All the TF2 items tutorials and guides on this page are different but they have a few things in common,

  • They’re never about doing anything illegal or anything that will harm or get your Steam account stolen, only legit and legal ways of getting TF2 items.
  • The methods are not about downloading anything, sick of all those fake Steam generators? Good, we’re too, and you won’t see anything like that here.
  • We will never ask for your Steam login or anything ells for that matter.
  • All the guides on FreeTF2items.net are free.
  • All the guides on this site works, some might not suit you and won’t be anything you would want to do, but that’s a different story.







TF2 Idle


This next method of getting free TF2 items has been around for a long time now, you might or might not know what idling in TF2 is about, idling in Team Fortress 2 is all about creating your own server and then just leaving your character idle and just standing around for some hours while you go do something ells in the meantime, you will then be rewarded with items for playing the game, it’s the same type of items you would get if you would just play the game. Unfortunate there’s only possible to get around 5-10 items per account each week with this method, but the true power of this method is when you idle with multiple accounts at once

There’s been some debate if ilding in TF2 is allowed or not, Valve hasn’t made any statements but they haven’t said it isn’t allowed. Keep in mind that idling using third party software will get you banned and is something you should never do! Idling without using any software on the other hand is perfectly safe. You can read more over here at Foxygamer where they talk about everything you need to know about idling.

Is Idling in TF2 allowed? And how to idle on one or more accounts at once

Didn’t find a guide that you liked? meh. But you can always join our TF2 items giveaway raffle for a chance of getting some free hats and items.

Free TF2 items giveaway