How to get Free TF2 Items Guide

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This guide is for all you poor Team Fortress 2 gamers that can’t afford everything that’s available in the Mann Co. Store, in this guide I will show you a method of getting any item from the TF2 Shop, it can be anything from hats, weapons, taunts, maps, crates, keys or if you just want Team Fortress 2 Premium. Expensive TF2 items will take longer to get but no item is impossible.

The guide is NOT about idling, hacking, botting, downloading or anything illegal that will put your Steam account in danger. I will never ask for your account name/password or anything from you.

This guide is about using a site called Points2Shop, it’s a so called GPT site (get paid to) also referred as a Reward site. What’s a GPT you may ask, a GPT site is a site where you get paid for doing simple tasks, and that’s also exactly how Points2Shop works. You get rewarded with points or cash for each of these tasks that you complete and then you can exchange these points or cash for free Team Fortress 2 items in the┬áMann Co. Store inside TF2.

freetf2items overview


What kind of tasks are we talking about?

There’s a huge variety of tasks that you can complete, so there’s something for everyone, for example can the task be, completing surveys or free offers, watching videos, signing up for some free game, downloading software.

Completing these task isn’t anything that will get you rich, I’m not claiming like many other guides out there that this is some insane method of getting rich in no time. This is just a simple method of exchanging your time and effort doing task and watching videos in order to get the TF2 items that you want from the Mann Co. Store. It’s a perfect solution for all us poor gamers out there that can’t afford buying the items that we want in TF2 or don’t have the time trading all day long.

If this sounds like something for you I suggest you read the rest of this guide were I will talk about how you can fast and easy start earning your free TF2 items on Points2Shop. If this doesn’t sound like something you would want to do I suggest that you check out or weekly giveaway instead for a chance of getting TF2 items. You can find the giveaway over here. TF2 Items for free – Giveaway Raffle.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is registering on Points2Shop, you can do that by clicking the button down under. Signing up on Points2Shop is easy and only takes a few minutes, you can even sign up via Facebook if you want to do that, but I would recommend registering the old fashion way with a e-mail. Make sure you use a working e-mail because after you signed up on the site you need to active your account by verifying your e-mail. Then you neeed to do is fill in your information, and don’t worry Points2Shop will never send you any spam or e-mail, the only emails I got from them is when they’re sending me my earned money.



Now you’re one step closer to getting the free TF2 items that you want. Points2Shop can be a confusing place if you’re a new member, but it’s really not that complicated when you get used to the site. I made a picture to illustrate where all the important things are located on the site. For example “EARN POINTS” is the area where you earn all your cash and points that you need for getting the TF2 items you want. (100 points=$1)

Points2shop Overview

Earning your Team Fortress 2 Items

Now it’s time to earn your TF2 items on Points2Shop, we’re going to do that by heading over to the Earnings area (found at top Earn Points tab) Here you will find all the surveys, videos, offers and other things you can do in order to get points and cash for. I recommend that you do the tasks that are under the “Most Popular For Your Country” tab, these are the most popular offers for your region and these are often a fast and good way of earning points and cash fast. So start doing those offers and move on to other offers when you finished them, if you can’t find offers you want to do then ask in the chat to the left of the screen what offers that are worth doing, often you will be given some advice from a helpful member.

Completing offers and surveys isn’t always that fun, I’m not going to lie and say it is, but for me personally I think it’s worth doing because of all the items I get in TF2. Here’s some advice when completing surveys and doing offers that might help you.

  • Only complete offers you want to do, skip the ones you dislike and move onto other offers and surveys, there’s plenty to choose from.
  • Create a new e-mail that you use when filling out surveys and signing up on sites, some of these offers will send you junk mail and avoiding giving them your personal email will keep your mail box clean.
  • Take a break, there’s no hurry, you don’t need to complete ALL the offers on the site today. Do just a few offers a day and it won’t get boring.
  • Download the Points2Shop mobile app for both android and iOS, then you can earn cash and points when you’re bored on the buss or when you got nothing better to do.


Cashing out your TF2 items

Free TF2 items guide

After you completed a few surveys/offers it’s time to cash out, how long it will take for you to afford the TF2 items you want is all up to you and how much effort your putting into the site and how many offers and surveys you’re doing. But if you earn enough points or cash and you want to cash out here’s how you do it.

Click the “Spend Points” tab located up top of the site, then click the under-menu Withdraw Earnings under Withdrawals. Here you will find several ways of withdrawing your earnings, find Paypal in the list and choose to withdraw with PayPal. If you don’t have a Paypal account you need to get one, it’s easy and free to get a Paypal account so if you don’t have one it’s no problem, just go register for one.

Once you have withdrawn your cash to Paypal head over to Steam and open up Team Fortress 2, then go to the Mann Co. Shop and add the items you want in your cart, when checking out you’re asked to add funds to your Steam account, here you should choose Paypal and add funds to your Steam account from Paypal. Now complete your order and enjoy your new TF2 items!