TF2 Items Giveaway Raffles

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Free TF2 items giveaway raffle

FreeTF2items.net is having a new giveaway raffles all the time, we’re giving away a huge variety of Team Fortress 2 items, everything from Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys, Weapons, hats to metal.

Our giveaway raffles works like this,  in order to enter our giveaway raffle you need to complete a simple task, each tasks only takes a few seconds to do and we’ll never ask you to do any surveys or anything like that, just simple and easy tasks that you can do in a heartbeat, here are a few examples of the actions you can do to enter our giveaways; like us on Facebook, post about us on your Facebook page or tweet about us. Each giveaway have different action and tasks that you can do, also if you don’t want to do a certain task you can just skip it and move onto the next one. For each of these actions that you do you will get a giveaway ticket, so the more actions you complete the chance of you winning increases. When the time of the giveaway raffle has ended a winner will be drawn randomly from all the entries. If you don’t like a certain action/task just skip it and go to the next one.

Make sure you included your email or your Facebook account when entering the raffle, otherwise we can’t contact you if you’re the winner, if you’re the winner in the TF2 item raffle we will first send you a e-mail telling you our Steam user name, then we’ll add you on Steam and we’ll deliver your price via Steam trade. Sounds good? Just scroll down on this page and see all the Team Fortress 2 items giveaway that we have, at the moment we have giveaways for both free hats, keys and metal.

If the winner isn’t responding within a week to the mails we’re sending you, a new winner will be drawn in the giveaway. By entering this giveaway you agree that I will post a screenshot of the transaction when you receive your TF2 item.

You can also find pictures of past winners down at the bottom.

Free TF2 Keys Giveaway Raffle

free tf2 keys

Get a chance to win a bunch of Mann Co. Crate keys each month in our key giveaways, entering these giveaways is easy and only takes a few minutes, get your chance for a key today! Click the image to head over to the key giveaways.

Free TF2 Hats Giveaways

free tf2 hats

Each month we’re giving away a bunch of different hats from TF2, hats for all the classes in the game really, we’re not giving out unusual or anything, we can’t afford that, but we’re giving out good looking hats that look and feel good, so click the image above to find all our TF2 hat giveaways we got available right now. Good luck!

Past Winners

Here you find all the past winners of our raffles. We take a screenshot every time we give out a price to any of our winners.