How to get Free TF2 Premium

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This section of the site is a bit different, it’s a mixture of guides and tutorials to help new players get Free Team Fortress 2 premium, this section is for all you F2P gamers who want to get TF2 premium but don’t have anything to offer. I know the situation can be frustrating for many of you, you can’t afford to buy the premium from the Mann Co. Store and you don’t have any tradeable items to trade with in order to get the Premium gift that you need, stuck as F2P, but I’m here to offer a solution, it might not be the best and fastest solution but it’s a working  solution for all you poor gamers out there. I will give you free TF2 premium for free if you follow this guide and do everything in it.

Free tf2 premium

This is the deal. I will give you a TF2 premium gift if you complete all the things that I ask you to do, if you complete all the criterias  I will give you your premium gift, sounds good? So what am I asking you to do? Because it’s not like I’ll just hand out TF2 premium gifts to everyone without asking for anything in return, that would be rather silly. This is what you need to do in order to get your premium gift.

We’re going to use a old guide from FreeTF2items.net, this guide. If you haven’t read the guide the whole guide is about using a site called Points2Shop to earn cash and gift cards so that you can buy TF2 keys and other items with the money that you earned on the site, Points2Shop is a powerful site where you can earn some pretty good money if you put some time and effort into it. The site works something like this, you sign up on the site and then you can start completing a variety of offers and tasks, like surveys, watching videos and other quite boring tasks, but the great part is that you get paid for every task that you complete, the tasks may be boring but you get paid for doing them which makes it all worth it. So now you know what site we’re going to use, read on to the next step to find out more.

If you want to learn more about Points2Shop and how it works I suggest you head over to our other guide; How to get Free TF2 Items Guide

Step One

The first step in order to get your TF2 Premium is to sign up on Points2Shop, it’s important that you use my referral link when signing up, if you don’t sign up via my link I won’t give you the premium and I won’t be able to track your progress on Points2Shop, but more on that later. Use this link or click the button down below in order to sign up on Points2Shop.

Click here to register on Points2Shop

So why use my link when signing up on Points2Shop? For every new member I refer using my personal Points2Shop link I get paid a small bonus in cash on the site, the rates for the bonus is different for different countries, but it ranges from 0,01-1,5$. Apart from the sign up bonus that I get for every new member I bring in I also get paid 15 % of everything that my referrals make on the site, this doesn’t effect my referrals at all, they still earn as much as they would as before, the bonus comes from the pockets of Points2Shop.

This is how I will afford paying out the Premium gifts, I will get paid for referring you and other members to the site. Because I’m not giving away premium out of the kindness of my heart, I’m afraid not. I see this as a golden opportunity to help new players to get their premium accounts and earn a few dollars on the way. It’s really a win-win situation we got here, you will get Free Premium and also earn plenty of cash from Points2Shop to buy TF2 items for (or anything ells), and I get cash from referring you to the site.

Step 2

Now you signed up on Points2Shop with my link and it’s time to get started with the site itself. Points2Shop is all about earning cash one way or another, so that’s what we’re going to do. That leads us to the second criteria that you got to complete in order to get your premium gift. This is the second criteria; You need to earn me $5. This part might seem confusing for someone who isn’t familiar with Points2Shop and how it works, but I will try to explain. Like I said before, for every member that I refer to the site I first get a sign up bonus and then I get 15% of everything that referral makes on the site.

So for example if you complete a survey on Points2Shop and you earn $1, I will get 15% of that (earning me $0,15) So if you earn me $5 I will spend all that money and buy you a Premium gift for my money. But how much do you need to earn in order to earn me $5 as my referral? You need to earn around $33 in total in order to earn me my $5, that’s quite a lot you might think, and yeah it is, I’m not going to lie to you here, earning that much on Points2Shop will take some time and it can be rather boring actually.

But here comes the good part, if you decide that Points2Shop sucks and that you don’t want to spend any more time on it you can always just cash out your money that you earned, because all the money you’re earning on Points2Shop is yours, the premium gift is only a bonus that you get if you earn as much as $33. See it as motivation from me so that you earn a lot on Points2Shop, because if you earn a lot on the site I earn a lot,  it’s a win-win situation really.

You can also just ignore my $33 goal and aim to just earn yourself a few dollars instead, it doesn’t take many hours before you earned enough cash to buy yourself your own premium gift, that’s one way to get premium also,  which I would recommend if you think Points2Shop is a boring as hell, but how you like to proceed is totally up to you, you can spend as much or as little time on Points2Shop as you like.


It can be a bit tricky to knowing if you have completed all the criterias or not, but you need to have earned at least around $33 in total by doing surveys and offers on the site (money earned from getting referrals doesn’t count) to be eligible to get the free Premium gift. When you done that you can contact us here on FreeTF2items.net by using the contact form, you can find the contact for at the bottom of the site, it says Contact us. Send us a email there and mark the e-mail with the topic Premium gift, also include your Points2Shop username so that we can check and see if you completed all the criterias on the list.

Please don’t try to fool us, we know exactly how much you earned on the site and we got all the info we need to know who’s eligible and who’s not.

And to recap everything here’s a image to freshen up your memory;

Criterias for free premium