New Giveaway – Free Mann Coo. Painting Set

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A new week is coming and it’s time for a new giveaway, last weeks winner has been contacted and will soon get the TF2 item, Holy mackerel. I hope it’s tasty! :)

This weeks Giveaway raffle is a Mann Co. Painting set, this item is a one time use item that can contain up to 3 buckets of paint, so let’s start painting your items with color! The giveaway will be active for about one week and then a random winner will be drawn from all the people who participated, and remember that the more you take part in the raffle and the more tasks you complete the more ticket you get and you have a higher chance of winning then. Last week was a bit of a disappointment for us with only 11 participating in the giveaway, bad for us but good for you, it was a easy win for the last weeks winner :)

You find the giveaway over here.

mann co painting set

  1. sethmatthews Reply

    id like to enter


    May i please enter this raffle .

  3. hipsterfishgaming Reply

    Can I enter?

  4. Vinicrafteiro Reply

    id like to enter

  5. gamegladiator123 Reply

    I would like to enter (I NEEEEEED GREEN PAINT)

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