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There’s a few sites out there that hands out Steam games for free, some are legit and some are just pure scams. I got interested in these kinds of sites because I’m a huge fan of free stuff, and I wouldn’t mind filling up my steam account with some great games, so I search google and I did my research and in the end there were only a few sites that actually work and were worth checking out, these sites are Steam games raffles and giveaways where you have a chance of getting a Steam game by participating, what’s similar among all the sites on the list is that if you contribute and hands out free games yourself you will be rewarded and get a higher or more chances of getting other games for free, so if you have any Steam games laying around in your inventory then it might be a good idea to start your own giveaway on one of the sites below, but you don’t need to do that, you can join these sites and just enter the raffles and hope to win some free Steam games.

SteamgiftsSteamgifts logo

Steamgifts is the biggest and best site when it comes to Steam games giveaways, they have so many giveaways and raffles going on all the time. There’s a great community with a lot of helpful members on the site. Getting games isn’t that easy but it’s not impossible, just check in now and then and enter the giveaways you want to. Membership is free but you need to have a Steam account with games worth more then $100 on it, this is to prevent people creating several accounts on Steamgifts, because only one account is allowed per person. You can sign up via your Steam account over here.

Playblinkplayblink logo

Similar like Steam gifts but with a twist, Playblink resembles Steamgifts in many ways but they have a little twist, some of the game giveaways you are required to play a little mini-game for 1 minute, and the better your score is in the mini-game the higher your chances for winning the game gets, but you can still win if you get a terrible score in the mini-game. Fun and exciting twist if you ask me. You get tickets each hours that you can use in the giveaway raffles that you want. You can register here, Sign up on Playblink

GameMinerGameminer logo

Yet another giveaway site filled with Steam games, use to be a Russian only site but now they opened up for the rest of the world. On GameMiner you get resources (coal) each hour or if you unlock certain things on the site (achievements) and with these resources you can use to enter giveaways, different game giveaways cost different amount of coal to enter. Then when the time for the giveaway ends a winner is drawn randomly from all the ones who’s entered the giveaway. A lot of Steam games on this site, worth checking out.

You need a invite in order to register on this site, you can check out this blog because I will now and then give out invitations to GameMiner


Also don’t forget freetf2items.net’s weekly TF2 items giveaway, new items each week.

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