My least favorite TF2 Trading method – Scrap banking

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tf2metalIf you search for TF2 trading guides on Youtube or Google, you’ll immediately will get a bunch of search results that’s talking about this way of trading in Team Fortress 2, you might or might not know what scrap banking is but it’s pretty much a way of buying two TF2 weapons for one scrap and then selling those weapons for a scrap each (making you a 0,5 scrap profit/trade), and don’t get me wrong, that’s a decent profit for a beginner trader, but this is the problem with this method, everyone is doing it.

If you don’t know what scrap banking is, here’s a quick video that shows you what it’s all about.

Everyone is writing guides about it and everyone is using this method of selling and buying TF2 items, trading servers are flooded with people trying to scrap bank. And when everyone is doing something then it gets really hard, it’s still a pretty solid method, there will always be players willing to pay a small overprice for a weapon like that. That brings us to the second reason this method doesn’t work that good anymore, if people are looking for weapons there’s plenty of other places to get them cheap without having to trade with another person, there’s a handful of scrapbanking sites out there (scrapbank.me and scrap.tf to name two of them) and you can easily get pretty much any weapon you want there for 0,5 scrap or another weapon, this is another reason why this method can be hard.

So enough about me telling you this method stink and explaining in short why it’s hard to do this anymore, what are you suppose to do then?

If you still want to scrapbank here’s my suggestions, don’t hang around trading servers trying to scrap bank, instead head over to regular TF2 servers where people are just playing, if you happen to find a noob server that’s even better, the players here are more likely to be looking for weapons and you’ll have much less competition (if none) from other traders here. But don’t spam the server, either say in chat that you want to trade this and that and then leave, or send your message and wait at least a few minutes, spamming will only get you kicked really, it’s better to either be gentle with the chat or to move on really.

My next advice would be, move on to other items to trade, there’s several hundreds of items to trade so don’t just limit yourself with weapons, try the same technique you use with scrapbank but with other items, if you’re feeling abit clueless you can always check out our trading guide section to find a method that might work for you. You can find it over here, TF2 trading guides.


That’s all for me, I hope you got a little bit wiser and that you dare to move onto trading other items then just weapons from now on.  Good luck with your trading and I wish you the best!

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