Where to buy TF2 keys for real money & Find the cheapest key prices

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There’s plenty of sellers out there when it comes to TF2 keys, there’s everything from big stores selling key in a automated way to hundreds of other players waiting to get their keys sold. In this post I will try to guide you through all the different stores, forums and other places where you can find the best tf2 key prices. For all you who are new to buying keys for real money I will try to explain the Pros and Cons for each type of sellers, but if you’re already familiar with this and have bought before just ignore my info.

If you have any suggestion of your own when it comes to key seller, please leave your suggestion in the comment section at the bottom, I am always looking to expand my list so I can provide the best possible recourse for my readers.


Automated Shops

In this category you’ll find stores that sell keys in a automated way, it’s like any other online store you can find, you pay and you get the items you want in a few minutes (by a trade offer from a bot), without having to contact a seller. These stores provides a safe and fast service, and the risk of being scammed is close to zero. Unfortunate you’ll going to have to pay a little bit more in order to buy tf2 keys from these sites, their prices are almost always higher. So to recap, Safe & Fast, but a bit more expensive. I would recommended buying from the shops below if your going to buy a small amount of keys (under 10-15 keys), then the trade will be fast and easy and you would have only save a few dollars if you went and bought from a cheaper source.



This shop runs by the creators of scrap.tf where you can scrap your TF2 weapons for metal. They offer a large selection of items including keys of course. You can expect your order to be delivered within a few minutes. Like I said before, the prices are a bit higher then other sources, but it’s still cheap, you pay for the convenience of this service really.

They accept Google Wallet, PayPal, Bitcoin, and credit cards as payment.

Click here to go to Marketplace.tf



A similar shop as marketplace.tf, a very similar layout and delivery system. Fast delivery and good prices. I would suggest checking out both shops to see which have the cheapest TF2 keys price, because the prices change all the time. I will leave a link to TF2Shop down under. This store been around for several years and many of the big community sites are promoting them. Not much ells to say about them.

Click here to go to TF2Shop

Buy keys from other players

Another way of getting your keys is buying them from other players, this is a much more risky option and there’s always the possibility of being scammed, so keep that in mind. Well that doesn’t sound so good you might think, so why trade with other players? Well the prices are much lower compared to buying from a shop.

The transaction almost always go via Paypal, and if you’re a new trader that hasn’t a lot of reputation you are going to have to go first in the trade (you send the money THEN you get the keys), there’s always a risk of being scammed here.

My advice is always do your research before you trade with somebody, check the traders Reputation (Rep) Thread before trading, a rep thread is sort of a review collection of people that the seller has done business with before, here people write how past transaction with the seller has went. If the seller have a long and positive rep thread that’s a good sign but not a guarantee. You can also check the seller account out over at SteamRep, here you get basic info about the sellers account.

Another advice I can give you is, don’t buy to many keys at once, don’t go overboard, and instead buy a smaller amount each time, then if you get scammed you’ll at least won’t lose that much money. Enough talking by me and I am going to end with a list of forums where you can find a bunch of sellers & buyers, all these are great places to find trades, but I guess SourceOP is one of the more active trading hangouts.


If all these key providers feel to risky to buy from, don’t forget you can always buy TF2 keys from the Steam community Market, just keep in mind that if you buy keys from the community market you can’t trade those keys for a week after you bought it. Apart from that the market is a decent place to buy from even tough the price might be a bit high for my taste, but it’s as safe as it gets.


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