August Giveaways – 3 hats and a TF2 key

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August Giveaways

New month new giveaway raffles. This months hats giveaways are Heavy’s Hockey Hair, A Rather Festive Tree and Exquisite Rack, feel free to head over to the hat giveaways over here. Not the most exciting hats but the Christmas tree one is one of my personal favorites, it’s possible for all classes to wear that hat, which is a huge plus if you ask me.

And of course there’s also a new key giveaway this month, you can find it over here, TF2 key giveaways,

Also I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported this site and helped it grow.

The old raffle winners has been contacted but I’m having problem getting in contact with the winners for some of the raffles. Make sure you check your mail and junk inbox as well as your Facebook inbox (if you signed up with Facebook)

  1. ceci Reply

    please,give me items.PLEASE!!!


    Can you give me items i am broke and like 12 of these FTPs are counting on me to get them items so plz at least give me 12 items plz. Thank you ;)

  3. Hannes Reply


  4. Bad Coconut Reply

    How do I enter? If this is it, just posting here, the I ENTER.

  5. kazukejared24 Reply

    i need tf2 items im a nooob still in tf2

  6. Anyar Reply

    It’s not working, the widget doesn’t load in the giveaway pages.
    Also, why isn’t there an option for outlook in the small icons?

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